Mountain Dulcimer

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3-piece fingerboard (side-by-side, opposing grain construction); chrome Grover Mini tuners (14:1 ratio); J. Edward Thomas pattern (from southeastern Kentucky); 4 strings (can be set up as 3 string with double melody or 4 strings equally spaced)

STANDARD - back, sides, fingerboard, peghead and tailpiece of black walnut, cherry, or maple with top of a softer "sound" wood (i.e., butternut, cedar or sassafras) Shown above - butternut top/black walnut sides and back; black walnut/ash peghead, tailpiece and fingerboard. Cresent sound holes. Chrome tuners.


Standard $375.00

Special Order Options

$ Additional
Grover Mini tuners (14:1 ratio)
Black Chrome $15.00
Gold $15.00
Rosewood tuners (traditional) $25.00
Carved Pegheads
Frog (painted eyes) $125.00
Coon (painted face & tail) $125.00
Bear (plain) $125.00
Hound dog (painted) $150.00
Chipboard, plush lined case $35.00
Figured or fancy woods including quartersawn sycamore, curly maple, curly cherry, curly birch, American chestnut (wormy), and more. Quoted on request.

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