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A Noteworthy Instruments Original!

Contemporary folk instrument; one and a third octaves; 18" diatonic (dulcimer) fret pattern; can be tuned into keys of "A", "G", "D" and "C"; hardwood neck, sides, and back with top of softer "sound" wood; large tear-drop shaped soundbox; chrome Grover mini tuners (14:1 ratio); high-pitched, sweet sound; incredible volume!

STANDARD - neck/sides/back woods, i.e., mahogany, maple, walnut, cherry; top woods, i.e., butternut, cedar, sassafras. Specific combinations subject to availability. Shown above - cherry neck/sassafras top/chrome tuners.


Standard $175.00

Special Order Options

$ Additional
Grover Mini tuners (14:1 ratio)
Black Chrome $10.00
Gold $10.00
Chipboard, custom fit case $30.00
Figured or fancy woods including quartersawn sycamore, curly maple, curly cherry, curly birch, American chestnut (wormy), and more. Quoted on request.

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